The Metropolitan Hotel
385 Syngrou Avenue
17564, Athens

How to reach the venue

Conveniently located half way between the Piraeus port and the centre of Athens.
Athens International Airport:  Via Taxi: 35 - 45 Min
Downtown Area:  Via Taxi: 5 Min or Via Hotel Bus: 12 Min
Piraeus Port:  Via Taxi: 5 Min

FREE SHUTTLE BUS service between Posidonia exhibition hall and Metropolitan Hotel

Visitors please remember to take advantage of our FREE shuttle bus services between the sites. There are limited spaces and the bus will depart on time, so please arrive early to board.

Posidonia to Metropolitan Hotel:
departs at 1300 from the front of the exhibition hall

Metropolitan Hotel to Posidonia exhibition:
departs at 1330 from the front of the hotel