Intelsat and Digital Ship invite you to join us for a briefing and discussion on 8 June at the Metropolitan Hotel, Athens – during one of the industry's leading trade shows, Posidonia - to consider how Innovation & Evolution in Maritime Connectivity is changing the landscape by improving operational agility, creating enhanced efficiency and above all reducing costs for the ship owner and manager.

The briefing will take the form of panel sessions made up of industry leaders, inviting the audience to contribute and openly discuss how improved communications and connectivity is impacting their operations and enabling them to plan for growth and sustainability in the future.

Content to be covered will include:

  • Trends in the Industry: connected ships, the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, and the impact improved connectivity has on end-users.
  • Innovation in Space: new satellite technologies and new constellations – what do these mean for users now and in the not too distant future, investing in innovation.
  • Evolution on the Ground: flat panel developments, lighter and smaller antennas.
  • Integration of Applications: and how these impact the end user.

The briefing will incorporate sessions delivered by both Intelsat and Digital Ship – and the panel sessions will bring in the expertise, views and knowledge of some of the region's leading ship operators.


0900  -  Registration Opens

0915  -  Breakfast is Served

1000  -  Opening Notes from Briefing Moderator
Rob O'Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship

1010  -  Welcome Address: An Examination of the Satcom Market
Andrew Faiola, Director, Mobility Solutions, Intelsat

1030  -  Introductory Session: Navigating Choppy Waters – Opportunities and Challenges in the Shipping Industry
Claude Rousseau, Research Director, Northern Sky Research (NSR)

1050  -  How is Innovation in Maritime Technology Driving the Future of Shipping?
Andreas Chrysostomou, Former Director, Department of Merchant Shipping, Cyprus

1110  -  Short Break

1120  -  Panel Session 1: Considering Key Developments in Maritime Technology
         -  The impact of high throughput satellites and increased bandwidth
         -  The evolution of antenna technology driving maritime progression
Panellists include:
Andrew Faiola, Director, Mobility Solutions, Intelsat
Adonis Violaris, Marketing Director, Interorient Shipmanagement
Håkan Olsson, Vice President of Maritime, Kymeta Corporation
Geoff Allsop, Sales Director, Intellian Technologies

1205  -  Panel Session 2: Innovation and Evolution and the Integration of Maritime Applications
          -  Looking at connectivity demand linked to an increase in operational and crew applications
          -  How are developments around IoT and big data applications shifting how data is used and related traffic
Panellists include:
Andreas Chrysostomou, Former Director, Department of Merchant Shipping, Cyprus
Andreas Hadjipetrou, Managing Director, Columbia Shipmanagement
Chris Insall, Senior Principal Product Manager, Maritime Services, Intelsat
George J. Hoyt, FNI, IMO Maritime Ambassador

1250  -  Briefing Round Up and Conclusions Followed by Networking Tea/Coffee and a Light Lunch until 1330

1330  -  Shuttle Bus from Briefing to Posidonia Exhibition Centre

For more information, or to discuss joining one of these panels, please contact the Conference Director on

Free entrance for ship owners / operators / managers / builders– click here to learn more

*Please note session times, panels and speakers may be subject to change